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Jun. 6th, 2010

OK, life is pretty good.

I checked my work email on my day off Friday and found an email from my boss-to-be announcing that my new job will start training on June 19th. This is a full two weeks earlier than I expected it, and means that I only have two weeks left as a pro. I'm pretty freakin' psyched about that.

I am so psyched about going back to working days.

I don't know what my schedule will be, but I know it will be "core hours". I am hoping for Monday through Friday 8-5 so that I can carpool with Mike, but I would also take Monday through Thursday 7-6pm. There could be other schedules, but those seem to be the most likely to me. Susan's sister, who is coming from the outside, got the same position and is starting the week before me (they are losing three pros and need to get the training done a little bit more on the new hires), and she is working M-F 8-5, so there is hope!

So I will start my new job on Monday, and then the following Sunday, my amazing mother and bridesmaids (hi, ree_779) are throwing me a bridal shower (early, to get it done before vacation travel time). Since I will be getting out early (not 11pm), we decided to leave Thursday night instead of Friday... so I have been writing a big list of hotels along I-81, so that we can have a list of places we can stop. The idea is to get to each exit and decide if we can hold up until the nexxxt one... the ultimate goal being Hagerstown, MD., though 6hrs is a lot to get done in one evening after work. Then Friday is my Dad's day off from work, and it could be really nice to get there in time to have dinner with the family. On top of that, I'm a dork and enjoy over-planning things. It makes it more fun. Also, the earlier we leave, the more time we have. A 13 hour drive is a lot to do twice over the course of four days.

I'm really glad my new boss seems really nice and doesn't have an issue with me taking a long weekend my first week on the job.

How is everyone else?

I think Mike and I are going to get a chalet here for our honeymoon. What do you guys think?

May. 25th, 2010

I'm totally getting a promotion.


May. 18th, 2010

Over 24 hours and no entry from jspaz1...

I wonder if that means that there is a BABY BEIN' BORN!?

May. 6th, 2010

I didn't get the job, but I got some really nice feedback including being told that I have "tremendous potential", and I have another interview for a different job scheduled for 5/17.

I know I have a lot of comments to get to, and I will respond this weekend, I promise!

May. 3rd, 2010

Ok two things --

First of all, I read my comments on my Blackberry and it won't let me reply from there. In order to reply, I need to log into a computer, get into my gmail, go into my Livejournal folder, find the comment, etc etc etc... So I have been reading all my comments, but I just don't get around to replying.

I am realizing that I have missed a lot of what is going on with people.

Can you guys, when you have time, leave me a comment and tell me what has been going on in the last year or two of your lives?

Everyone who has a minute.


May. 1st, 2010

Happy Saturday, everyone.

Today was my weigh in day and I only lost .2lbs this week. Better than nothing, though, especially considering that I fell off the wagon this week.

Back on today, though!!

Coffee is brewing.

Mike went fishing but caught nothing.

Clementine has already pooped once on both of us.

No plans for the day.
Yesterday when we went to Winston-Salem, they did not give me a problem about getting the security tag removed from the pants. The woman recognized me and since the alarm went off when I walked INTO the store, too, she was already sheepish by the time I got to the register. She gave me a "40% off one item" coupon and Mike bought me a new shirt with it. We also went to Casual Male XL and I got to pick out two pairs of pants, two shorts, and three shirts for Mike. I love picking out his clothes because yeah, I have pretty good taste if I say so myself, so I was pretty happy!

We went to Chili's for dinner where I had the fajitas. I had hoped it would be soy free but could taste the soy sauce when I bit in. Now, I hadn't had anything all day except a coffee and a yoplait smoothie and was starving, so I ate it anyway. The shocker? No real reactions! My stomach cramped a little, but nothing so bad. I am shocked. Is my soy-intolerance getting better??

I haven't done jack today. I wish I had. I have couch-potato regret.
So I had a job interview on Monday.

I have gained a little weight recently. I had lost 80lbs and gained 20 back. On my way DOWN, I threw out all my clothes as they became too big so that it would not be easy to gain weight. For this reason, I have no clothes that fit well. I have already started losing the weight back (I am on Weight Watchers), but I needed to go shopping and get something great to wear for the interview.

I went out and bought a handful of new tops and two new pairs of pants. I bought these really cute tan pants that I planned to wear with a black and white top and my black kitten heels. The outfit was really cute when I tried it on in the mirror, and I figured with my hair back and pearls it would look classy.

When I left the store, the security alarms went off. They took my bag, went through every item, and the very last pair of pants had a tag still on them. They took the security tag off. I walk through the doors and the alarm goes off again, and the woman says "I just went through every item in your bag. Just go, there are definitely no tags left".

So Monday morning I am getting ready for the interview and, go figure, there is a freakin' security tag in the pants I had been planning to wear. Luckily for me, the outfit still worked with the new black pants I bought, but it was not the total look that I was going for.

Mike had been cleaning up, BEFORE I realized the tag was there, and asked if I wanted to save the receipt and of course I said NO because I knew I was keeping all the clothes.

So today we are driving the HOUR back to get the tag removed. I tried with a screwdriver, but it was impossible. They had BETTER not give me a problem or I am seriously going to freak out.

We are also going to do some shopping for Mike while we are there. The same day I went shopping for me I stopped at Casual Male XL and dropped more than $200 on new clothes for Mike, and of course both pairs of pants I got didn't fit. So we will return those too. While we are there we are going to poke around, go to the used book store, and get Chili's on the way home. I already figured the points for a half order of nachos and put it in. It is pretty much my entire point allowance for the day, but that is alright. It's pretty mmuch the only thing on the menu that I think MIGHT be safe with my food allergies, and you gotta live at least a little, right?

I am just waiting for him to finish up in the shower and then we will probably head off.

Today, I:

- Did 1 minute and 19 seconds on my gazelle (which Mike bought me two years ago for like $300 and I have never used because it is too hard) before the combination of wheezing and heart pounding almost killed me.
- Did two loads of laundry
- Watched the Episode of Biggest Loser from earlier in the week that I missed
- Blew raspberries in the bird's belly
- Only compulsively checked my work email for news on the job that I know I won't hear about until next week once
- Watched the first three episodes of "Dead Like Me" and decided I really like it

Today, I did not:
- Do the dance video excersizes that every day this week I have said I would do "tomorrow"
- Do the other two or three loads of laundry I promised myself I would get done today
- Do any of the chores I wanted to do
- Grocery shop like I promised myself I would


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